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Lakor puffin basic tee
Lakor puffin basic tee
Lakor puffin basic tee
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Lakor puffin basic tee

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The inspiration for making a design with a puffin bath came during the first COVID-19 shutdown, when it became clear that exotic destinations would not become a reality this coming summer. Therefore, it was appropriate to rethink the flamboyant flamingo bathing and make a Nordic alternative. For many, the decommissioning has been transformed into an opportunity to explore the nature of our Nordic neighbours. Søpapegøjen is not found as bathing rings in the Faroe Islands. On the other hand, it comes in a plastic-free version with feathers and everything, and it can do something too!

The Basic Lifesaver collection is basic but remarkable. The fabric is made in LAKOR 's delicious organic cotton quality, and as a simple but stylish detail, we have embroidered floating birds on the chest.

The birds' natural habitat is usually certain swimming pools at exclusive holiday resorts, but we hope you feel like releasing it into the wild.



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